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Do you wish to be able to convert your audio & video files into different formats so you can bring them around on your different devices such as your iPhone/iPad/Mobile Phone etc.
Our software can help, it is extremely fast at converting songs/videos and helps you convert over 15 audio/video formats for free! Our competitors offer a converter software for over $40 while you can get this for FREE!
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We hope you enjoy using our website to convert your videos/audio files.

As a free trial, any user who does not have our browser plugin installed may convert their audio/video files into 6 common formats. Users who have the plugin installed benefit by having a wider variety of formats to convert to and they also have priority for video conversion during peak periods.

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Do you always need to change the format of your audio or video? Then you should try Convert Files For Free, an easy converter for audio and video. Instead of downloading the software, you can convert the audio and video instantly via the internet. This must be an easier and more convenient way to use.

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Our software service is free of charge. Convert Files For Free is a program that users do not need to download and can just use online.